Work Related Counseling

Some of us may feel bored or unmotivated, unfulfilled or unsatisfied or dread going to work – that Monday morning feeling, which can affect our moods and relationships with others. The counseling can explore these effects and options with you.

Some can constantly worry about work, finding it hard to switch off, as if we are on "auto-pilot". We may have buried our self in our work, that our very self has stopped fully living in other aspects. We can work hard, with little time for self-nurturing. A need for perfection and being over-demanding of ourselves can also affect our work-life balance.

Some set up work scenarios to make themselves indispensable, or believe they are. We may struggle with balancing pressure and stress. We can feel hooked on our work, or need to achieve – always giving more. We may have allowed our work to define who we are as if our identity and sense of worth can be based on the work we do. Overworking, workaholism, work addiction, like excessive alcohol, can be used to fill a void. This void may include a sense of emptiness, loneliness or helplessness. Our work and achievements can replace intimacy in relationships and friendships. We may also neglect other passions, interests, leisure and pleasure, joy, physical wellbeing, time for life reflection, sense of community or spiritual growth, whatever that means for you.

Some, after achieving what they wanted (success, status), may still feel empty inside. As we expend great energy and time in our work, we may have a sense of something missing in our lives. Our status or achievements may no longer be enough. We may want to seek various goals important to us, other than financial or work satisfaction. We may feel restless inside, yet not know why. Our measures of success may no longer work. These issues can be explored in therapy.

Counseling and psychotherapy can also offer help with other work related issues. These may include work motivation, organizational or structural changes, bullying or harassment (racial, sexual or other) at work, unfulfilling work, unemployment or retirement concerns.

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