Treatment Areas and Modalities

Much of my work is to support people in achieving more satisfying personal relationships. We may explore the origins of their emotional life and consider how reasonable and effective are their responses to others in relationships. We may also envision and practice new ways of understanding, feeling, communicating and behaving that will lead to better relationships and personal satisfaction.

I also work with clients who seek specific support and insight as they undergo significant life transitions such as marriage, divorce or remarriage, beginning or blending families, raising and launching children, moving, employment and retirement issues, and the loss of loved ones.

In my practice I also see clients who are burdened with mood swings or feelings of anxiety, depression, emptiness, loneliness and low self-esteem and are interested in understanding and finding relief from habits of thinking and feeling that cause them suffering and impair their functioning. Many clients also wish to explore their existential and spiritual uncertainties and find a way to function with a thoughtful sense of purpose, meaning and direction in life.

After discussing clients’ concerns and goals in seeking therapy, we will consider together the best way to proceed, including individual therapy, relationship counseling, marriage and family counseling and group therapy.