My Psychotherapeutic Outlook

Much of our distress in life comes from less than objective perceptions of ourselves and of others and their views of us. Our behavior is influenced by these misperceptions, bringing about reactions to us that are less than ideal. Such negative reactions from others then serve to reinforce our assumptions. Our interactions are influenced by deeply ingrained patterns stemming from early in life which shape our personal worldview and our perception of ourselves in relation to the rest of the world. Both Object Relations Theory and Attachment Theory are the bases for this understanding of human development.

Sometimes painful losses we all endure in life are the result of circumstances beyond our control, regardless of how emotionally healthy and objective we may be. At such times we may just need supportive counseling and guidance in learning to cope with our grief, fear and disappointment.

My work, in general terms, has been about helping people arrive at a more objective view of themselves and of the world around them. I work to foster an environment in therapy in which the individual can empower him/herself toward a growing sense of autonomy and confidence, overcoming dependencies and other counterproductive behavior patterns. The individual can use the opportunity of therapy to reshape self-perception as well as maladaptive tendencies in viewing and relating to others.

I use both Cognitive Behavioral and Psychodynamic approaches to enable people to grow in objectivity and autonomy and transform themselves toward more fulfilling and gratifying lives.