I am David Oler. Thank you for visiting this website to learn more about my counseling practice. I hold a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Illinois. For over 25 years I have provided psychotherapy to adults and adolescents, couples, families and groups of individuals with similar challenges and goals. I have also been active as an educator and supervisor in psychology, teaching graduate courses in Marriage and Family Therapy, Adult Psychotherapy, Psychology and Spirituality, Multiculturalism and Professional Ethics and mentoring and supervising clinicians in marriage and family therapy and individual psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy and Counseling

People decide to begin counseling for a variety of reasons. They may be experiencing difficulties in their relationships or employment, coping with a significant transition or loss, or feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, depression, loneliness, low self-esteem or other emotions instead of feeling and functioning at their best. Realizing that certain patterns of thinking and behaving are self-defeating but that they are unable to change these habits without greater insight and support, they may become interested in psychotherapy.

In my practice I provide an understanding, supportive and confidential context for people to: explore their feelings; gain insight into their emotional responses, behavior and life choices; resolve interpersonal issues with integrity; and find emotional closure with the past. They are encouraged to develop their strengths and to learn effective strategies for achieving greater personal well-being, satisfaction in relationships and realization of personal goals.

It is very meaningful for me to facilitate the self-exploration and growth of individuals, couples and families who undertake therapy. I hope you will contact me to discuss your reasons for seeking help and to ask any questions you may have about the counseling process. You may contact me by email or by phone at 847-951-2570 Your email and phone messages will be kept confidential.